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What are the terms?

ITP loyalty was introduced on the 1st of July 2021. Therefore, an eligible tax return must be started on or after the 1st July 2021 but before 30th June 2022, for the member to be entitled to receive the Loyalty discount and membership. 

To maintain loyalty status the member must consecutively lodge an eligible tax return with ITPQLD within the current financial year. As in, not starting a tax return one year and starting two the following, does not constitute the member maintaining their loyalty level. 

If a tax return is voided or marked as no pending action the member will not maintain their current loyalty status. 

Loyalty is not valid with any other offer or promotion except $0 up front. If member choses an alternative offer, loyalty discounts will not apply. However, they will maintain their loyalty status. 

Not valid for:

  • Amendments 
  • BAS
  • Company Tax returns 
  • Trust tax returns 
  • Partnership tax returns 
  • Bookkeeping Solutions Clients

Eligible tax return must be lodged at a participating ITPQLD office or kiosk.

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