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Professionals with Residential Property Investment

Do you have an investment property? Or multiple? Or perhaps you’re considering one in the future? At ITP Qld we know that owning a property, especially an investment property is a sizable investment and something you don’t take lightly.

Professional Expertise

Rental Property Income, Admin expenses, Property Management Expenses, Insurances, Depreciation, Bank Charges, Taxes and Charges, Capital Improvements, Repairs and Maintenance

Latest ATO Insights

Best tax practices combined with the latest property ATO insights equals exceptionally prepared returns and the greatest yields possible on your investments

Future Proofing

As property tax evolves, so do we. As registered Tax Agents, we hold a independent working relationship with the ATO and know what’s coming next.

Rental Property Considerations

Investing and preparing tax for an investment property is not always straightforward. Add to this, the government’s tapering of many typical property deductions and your sizable investment might not be working to its fullest capacity. So in terms of tax considerations, yes, property investing certainly isn’t a rinse and repeat like before.

How we Prepare you for Greatness

  • Guaranteed Maximise Returns – as always our pledge to all our customers is to claim every possible and legitimate deduction available
  • All-year advice and representation with the ATO including the best tax practices and ATO insights reducing the likelihood of penalties or audits
  • Peace of mind that your investment property is working effectively as possible from a tax position
  • Of course, preparing your tax return with a professional is a tax deduction in itself

Not sure where to start or what tax implications may apply to your property investment folio? Contact an ITP Consultant today and open the door to guaranteed maximum returns.