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Tax Returns for Under 21s

ITP Queensland knows the stress of being under 21 and/or a full-time student. There’s financial stress, career stress, peer stress, and even just your own. That’s why we openly welcome our younger and academic community with exclusive capped pricing, so we can help prepare the greatest return without the added pressure.

Under 21s

If you are an Australian resident, under 21, working part-time or full-time in the 2022-2023 financial year and looking to prepare your tax with a professional, you’re eligible.

$79 Capped Fee

As part of our commitment to our younger and emerging communities, we offer an exclusive $79 capped fee for all of our eligible under 21 customers. The capped fee applies for simple wage-salary returns only.

Think Ahead

As your family, career, and investments grow, ITP Qld can grow with you. Visit ITP Qld today, and never worry about your tax again.

Do I need to lodge?

Our team of professionals are here to help you prepare your tax return and maximise your refund, no matter what your financial position may be. Below are a few tips which can help you to decide whether you need to lodge your tax return or not.

  • Did you know if you were working during the year and your income is more than $18,200, you need to lodge your tax return? However, if your income is less than $18,200 and you have tax withheld from your wages, you still need to lodge your tax return.
  • Moreover, there are so many other tax rules, like tax on unearned income, being a foreign resident or being a resident for part of the year. The procedures we have in place will ensure we get the maximum refund for you and that the tax return is completed accurately
  • Usually, if a person has only one job, he/she can claim the tax-free threshold. However, if you have more than one job, it is advisable to withhold more tax from one employer to minimize or avoid a tax bill at the end of the financial year. We can explain to you how having a HELP debt affects tax and how this is also influenced by other income, such as salary sacrificing.

What if I can’t pay the ATO?

The outcomes are not always good for everyone. However, avoiding ATO letters and bills is worse. If you have a bill to pay to the ATO and you cannot pay now in one payment, talk to our experts to help you regarding your bills and lodgement. We can help you to delay your lodgement by applying for an extension of time and entering into a payment plan with the ATO.

How we Prepare you for Greatness!

We understand that it is incredibly stressful when you don’t know what to do when lodging a tax return for the first time, that’s why we offer students the best prices with full empathetic service and expert advice on all aspects, regardless of your age, occupation or location.

  • Guaranteed Maximise Returns – as always our pledge to all our customers is to claim every possible and legitimate deduction available
  • All-year advice and representation with the ATO and the reduced likelihood of penalties or audits should the ATO dispute any claims made
  • Of course, preparing your tax return with a professional is a tax deduction in itself