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Need Help With JobKeeper Payments?

Our Business Specialists are here to help.

Understanding the ins-and-outs of the recently introduced JobKeeper legislation is tricky. Do you qualify? How do you apply? How do you report? Whether you just need a bit of advice, or would like someone to manage it all for you, we're here to help. Arrange an appointment today!

Are you eligible for JobKeeper as an employer?

Small Business

If you're business, like most of us, turns over less than $1 billion each year and turnover has dropped 30% or more in a month compared to the same time last year - then you're probably eligible. A quick call with one of our Business Specialists will clarify all the details.

Not-for-Profit Entities

Not-for-Profits are also eligible for JobKeeper payments if they have dropped 30%, just like any other small business. That means that even if you have only employed casual staff for 12 months, you can keep connected to your staff until the crisis is over. We're here to help, ask us how.

Ineligible Employees

Not all employees are eligible to receive payments. You cannot claim for employees who have been nominated for JobKeeper through another employer, weren't employed prior to March 1st or have been a casual employee for less than 12 months. Chat to us today to find out the full detail of who you can and cannot claim for.

Payment Deadline Extended

The deadline for paying wages to staff JobKeeper has recently been extended, giving you more time to still be eligible for the initial reimbursements from the ATO. Read our blog to find out more.

Get ITP to Complete Your JobKeeper Application

Hurry, first round of applications close May 8!

If you are thinking about applying for the JobKeeper support payments, we're here to help. We can help with everything from letters to staff, right through to submitting your application. We'll make sure you don't miss out and guide you through the most common pitfalls.

Monthly Reporting

Have you already applied?

If you have already applied, we can still help with your monthly reporting requirements to the ATO. We know how difficult it can be to understand all the rules and regulations, and that's why our Business Specialists are fully trained on all the finer details. Let us worry about the paperwork.

Single Touch Payroll

Get setup for STP today.

One of the most important requirements of the JobKeeper payments is the need for businesses to be using Single Touch Payroll to report on their employees to the ATO. If you haven't been set up for STP yet, talk to one of our Business Specialists about how we can customise a solution for you.

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