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Tax Training Courses are now open for enrollment! Start your tax career with ITP Qld

If you're looking to start a new career in tax, our tax courses will teach you all the skills you'll need. By the end of the course, you will be able to professionally complete an individual tax return and perform duties of a Tax Consultant.

Australia's Most Comprehensive Tax Training Courses

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ITP Qld is always looking for the brightest and most passionate consultants to join our team, and if you're looking to start a career with us these courses are the perfect starting point.

9 Week Short Course

Our 9 week short course starts in April and will get you up-to-speed before this year's tax season. Successful students will have the opportunity to work for ITP Qld this season.

Freshen Up Your Skills

With all the latest course information, our courses are the most comprehensive available and will ensure you're equipped with all the knowledge you need to work in tax.

Our Course Options

The following courses are now open for enrolment.

2023 Short Course

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This course includes a single session in class each week, and will prepare you to work with ITP during the 2023 tax season. This course is suited to existing tax agents & consultants.

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Chances are you're not the only one wondering if our courses are tax deductible? Or exactly what you need to bring to class. Our FAQs cover all the most common, and not-so-common questions we get asked.

Courses Now Open for Enrollment

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All of our Tax Courses are now open for enrollment. Our courses are the cheapest and most comprehensive on the market, and will teach you everything you need for a career in tax.

What topics do all of our courses cover?

ITP's Tax Training Courses cover more tax topics than any other so that you can start your career in tax with confidence.


Learn the different income streams including salary and wage, Centrelink, superannuation and lump sum payments, where they are placed in a tax return.


How to complete the Medicare section of the return and why it needs to be completed, along with the rates, and the Medicare Levy Surcharge.


Here we will teach you the different reports available and used within ITP on a daily basis.

Allowances & Deductions

The relation to allowances and their relevant deduction, along with other allowable work-related deductions that are able to be claimed legally.


How and where to claim a deduction for personal superannuation contributions.

Tax Offsets

Learn the different offsets available that will help reduce the amount of tax your clients have to pay.


Certain items need to be depreciated instead of being claimed as an outright expense. Learn what has to be depreciated and how to claim the depreciable amount.

Motor Vehicles

Learn the two different methods of claiming motor vehicle expenses, and what is required to be able to claim each.

Foreign Income and Tax Estimate

What foreign income needs to be included in the return, and how. Including exempt foreign income, income from rental properties or a foreign pension.

Rental Properties

Complete a rental property, what income is to be included, and what expenses can be claimed. Learn what items can be depreciated, as well as with what substantiation requirements are needed.

Capital Gains

Learn that on the sale of an asset how it is treated within the tax return (whether it be a profit or a loss) and if tax is payable on that amount, and whether it is exempt from Capital Gains Tax.

Personal Services Income

Takes a close look at personal services income and all forms of small business income and related taxation requirements.