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Privilege Plus

Doing your tax should be rewarding

Every customer at ITP across Queensland deserves a little more from their tax return each year, and we are proud to deliver that with our brand new Privilege Plus. Simply come into any office or mall location and complete your tax return and we'll introduce you into the program.


Get real answers in real time.

Whether you're a barista or a tradie, we are here to answer your questions, help with your dilemnas or just simply get you booked in for an appointment asap. Don't be shy, start a chat with ITP LiveChat now.

Refund Maximiser Guarantee

Get everything you're entitled to, guaranteed.

We'll guarantee you get everything you're entitled to, to get the maximum refund. If you find an omission that permits a bigger refund or reduced tax liability, we'll refund your return fee and file an amendment at no cost.

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