Online Tax Assist

Meet OTA. Our Online DIY Tax Assisted option. OTA gives you the digital convenience of going direct, but with all of our invaluable tax guidance and experience bundled in! It's hassle-free tax designed for convenience, affordability, trust and security. Of course it includes our Refund Maximiser and Satisfaction guarantees, so get comfy and start preparing from just $89.

Online Tax Assist
Refund Maximiser Guarantee
Professionally Checked
24hrs, 7 Days a Week
Live Support

Why Use ITP Qld's OTA?

The same quality returns, available day & night.
Professional Service
ITP Online Tax Assist gives you access to the same professional tax consultants you'll find at all our offices around Queensland. Once you have provided your information, our team will prepare your return, discuss it with you and lodge it on your behalf.
Affordable Pricing
Starting from just $89 incl GST for individual salary and wage returns, our fee is fully tax deductible. There are no additional charges for getting tax advice.
Convenient & Quick
Complete your Tax Return from the comfort of your own home, and in most cases you'll get your refund within 10 working days.

Choose Your Appointment

How would you like to prepare your tax return?
In-Office Return
Quickest & Easiest
Complete your return with the help of one our professionals. With over 50 locations across Queensland, there's sure to be one near you.
From $138.00
Virtual & Phone
When you can't make it to an office
Perfect for those occasions you can't make it to an office. You'll still deal with the same professionals at your local ITP, just from the comfort of home.
From $138.00

How Online Tax Assist Works

1. Sign Up Free
No obligations, no trial periods, no credit cards. Free. We only ever charge when you submit a return, so what are you waiting for?
2. Suitable For Individuals
Designed for individual salary & wage returns only. One flat fee regardless of your income or the number of deductions you are looking to claim.
3. Start a Return
Select the year that you wish to submit, and enter your personal and contact details.
4. Complete the Information
Enter your information by answering the questions provided, organised into easy-to-understand categories, and with helpful tips along the way.
5. Upload Documents
Upload relevant documents securely through our encrypted portal. This ensures all information exchanged remains confidential and compliant with privacy regulations.
6. Consultation
Our qualified tax professionals via secure online platforms will review and discuss your tax situation, ask questions, and receive personalised advice tailored to your needs.
7. Refund Estimate
We will give you a refund estimate, and get you to sign off digitally.
8. Lodge
ITP Qld will lodge your full return to the ATO, and liaise with you if there any issues.
9. Refund
Have your refund paid directly into your nominated bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get assistance or advice while using OTA?
While OTA is designed for self-service tax preparation, users can still access assistance from ITP Queensland consultants if needed. Support options may include online chat, email support, or scheduling a consultation for more complex tax situations.
How secure is the OTA platform?
OTA employs advanced security measures to protect user data and ensure confidentiality. It uses encryption protocols and secure servers to safeguard personal and financial information during transmission and storage.
Is OTA suitable for all types of tax returns?
OTA is suitable for most basic tax returns, particularly those involving salary and wage income, rental properties, investments, and simple deductions. Complex tax situations or specific queries may still require consultation with an ITP Queensland consultant.
What are the benefits of using OTA for tax preparation?
Using OTA offers several benefits, including flexibility to complete tax returns at any time from the comfort of home, secure transmission of sensitive financial data, and access to real-time updates on return status and refunds.

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