In-Office Tax Return

Our customers love the added value and peace of mind of a face-to-face in-office appointment. Why? It ensures a thorough discussion of your individual tax matters, allowing you to engage directly with your local tax professional, and not the ATO per se. This professional ATO relationship allows us to explore possibilities, gauge feasibility, and strategise effectively — all in a secure office (or Mall) location localised to you.

In-Office Tax Return
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Benefits of Preparing In-Office

with an ITP Professional
1-on-1 Dedicated Professional Consultant
Work with your consultant directly from start-to-finish
Fast Turnaround
Turn around your return a fast as possible
Refund Maximiser Guarantee
All customers are backed by our Refund Maximiser Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
All services & products are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, year round
Privilege+ Benefits
All customers benefit from Privilege Plus Loyalty Benefits and Rewards Program
All Year Support
Continued support after lodgement and ATO representation for queries and audits
Up-to-Date Training
Our professionals have the latest tax knowledge for every industry and circumstance
Professional Privileges
Special professional privileges like extensions with the ATO
Best Practices
Sharing best practices to keep you more organised and (ATO) audit free
Helpful Tax Tools
Online resources such as ITP’s Receipt Capturing APP, Tax Calculator, Blogs and Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, X)

Choose Your Appointment

How would you like to prepare your tax return?
Phone & Virtual
When you can't make it to an office
Perfect for those occasions you can't make it to an office. You'll still deal with the same professionals at your local ITP, just from the comfort of home.
From $138.00
Online Tax Assist
DIY Alternative
Submit your documents and key information through our online portal, and track the progress as our professional team process your return.
From $89.00

Powering the Individual

Interested in an individual Tax Return? Watch our short video on how we empower the individual with Guaranteed Maximum Returns and all your support. We're you local tax power house!

Income vs Expenses

Understanding your income & expenses is the key to maximising your return.


Most income for Australians comes in the form of a salary and wage, or employment income which is now reported to the ATO using Single Touch Payroll (STP). This means every pay, the ATO is notified of the amount. Employment income also includes allowances, lump sum payments, reportable fringe benefits and reportable superannuation contributions. All forms of income can include:

  • Employment
  • Foreign and worldwide
  • Government payments
  • Investment income
  • Superannuation Pensions and annuities
  • Business, Partnership and Trust income
  • Compensation and insurance payments
  • Scholarships, prizes and awards


Inversely, the expense incurred must be relevant to the actual activities which gain the assessable income. A deduction is not allowable if the expense is incurred in earning exempt income. Some expenses that are deductible may include:

  • Mobile Phone
  • Home Internet
  • Replacement Tools
  • Computers, tablets
  • Compulsory logo’d uniforms
  • Protective items; sunglasses, face masks, Covid -19
  • Car expenses incurred in gaining assessable income
  • First Aid Course
  • Travel and accommodation
  • Tax preparation fee
  • Charitable donations
  • Education and training expenses
  • Sun protection – those undertaking outdoor services, including building and construction and delivery and courier services
  • Union dues

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I haven't put in a tax return for the last 3 years?
You need to lodge a tax return as soon as possible to avoid being penalised. If you don't have all your paperwork, don't worry. As the ATO has automated information from companies, it is likely we will be able to identify the amounts you have missed. Call us to make an appointment at your nearest office today.
Do I need to lodge a tax return?
If you earned money in this financial year and are an Australian resident for tax purposes then yes, you will have to lodge an Australian tax return. If you have not paid tax on the money you earned i.e., you earned less than the tax free threshold currently at $18,200, and no tax has been withheld by an employee or by Centrelink, then you will still need to lodge a non-lodgement advice instead. If you don't, the ATO will assume you need to lodge and take action to force you to lodge.
Can you do business returns?
Yes, we can prepare business returns such as, Sole Trader, Partnerships, Trusts and Companies. We also offer business and bookkeeping packages for an affordable weekly fee.
Can I check how much I am getting back before we start?
To get a rough guide to how much you may get back, why not try our helpful tax calculator? For an accurate estimate, please ask your consultant at your appointment.
Will my return be lodged today?
Whilst every effort is taken to have your return lodged the day it is prepared, usually tax returns are lodged the next day after being checked by our tax agents.
I went to another office last year, do you have my details?
At the time of making the appointment, please let your consultant know you went to another ITP store last year and they can obtain your information prior to your appointment time.
How does negative gearing work?
This tax strategy is the ability to offset the expenses associated with owning the investment property against assessable income. This includes interest paid on the property.
I have started a new business on top of my regular job, do I need to register for GST?
If your taxable income claimed on your ABN is under $75,000 then no you do not have to register for GST but you may do so if you believe you will grow beyond that in the current financial year. If you are earning income as an Uber driver, you MUST be registered for GST.
Why aren't you open later?
We are open later and even open on weekends across key stores and kiosks during tax season. To find out if your nearest ITP has extended trading hours this tax season simply search for your nearest ITP on our website and contact one of our tax professionals today.
I have just moved permanently to Australia. Do I have to pay tax on the money that I have brought with me?
No. You only have to pay tax on earnings you make whilst in Australia. Should you choose to invest the money you brought with you into a bank account or investment, then you will have to pay tax on the interest only.
Do ITP provide a bookkeeping service?
Yes we do! We can manage your bookkeeping with the latest technology and utilising up to date and advanced accounting programs. Keeping your records under control and organised makes BAS, GST and payroll easy. Speak to one of our tax agents to assess your needs.
How much does a tax return cost?
For salary and wage earners our tax returns start from just $133, and business returns start from $390. For a more accurate price, please ask your consultant at your next appointment.
Can I do my husbands/family members tax return?
Yes, however you will need written authorisation from them to prepare the return. They will also need to sign the relevant sections of the tax return before lodgement. This can also be done through email.
What benefits do I get from being a Privilege Plus member?
The rewards are based of the level of membership and consecutive tenure with ITP Queensland. However, benefits may include:• Discounts on eligible tax returns• Monthly prize giveaways• Bookkeeping Solutions discounts• Exclusive events• Partner promotions and discounts• Monthly Newsletter
Do you have general bookkeeping services for my small business?
Yes we do. When you are an ITP Queensland customer we can complete all your bookkeeping requirements with ease on a regular basis, even as your business grows. You also have our team at your disposal all year around.
Where are you located?
We have approx 30+ permanent offices across Queensland and approx 20+ kiosks at tax time this year. To find a store near you visit the offices page on our website and search by your suburb or have a browse on the map for your most convenient location.
Can you help with capital gains tax on my property?
Yes! Whether you have purchased or are selling your property, we can assist you to work out what capital gains tax you have to pay and what you can do to reduce it through deductions.
What is an eligible tax return?
The following is a list of eligible tax returns for members to maintain or increase their Loyalty level:• Individual tax return / Sole Trader• Franking Credit• Cu Form• Online Tax Assist
When will I get my refund?
Once we have prepared your return, it is lodged with the ATO on your behalf. The ATO processing time is usually around 2-3 weeks, however, they can take up to 28 days. If you feel it's been longer than this, please contact the office your return was done by.
What do I need to bring to my appointment?
We have a handy 'what to bring for an appointment' checklist, which can be downloaded from our website.
How will capital gains tax affect my income tax bracket?
Capital gains tax (CGT) is paid on an investment property when it is sold or otherwise disposed of. Capital gains tax is taxed differently to regular income but does affect your income tax bracket. Speak to our specialist tax agents to find out more.
What if I don't have all my documents from previous years for my tax return?
ITP Queensland's tax specialists are still able to assist you if you are having trouble recovering information and receipts for your tax return. Our relationship with the ATO allows us to ascertain relevant information about previous years assessments and submission made against your Tax File Number. In addition, we can give you advice on how to recover your lost information with the assistance of the ATO and their requirements to complete your return.
Are there penalties for late tax returns?
The ATO may issue late tax penalties to late or missed tax returns. It is important to get up to date as soon as possible to avoid penalties and defaults whether you are an individual or business.The ATO is more likely to apply a penalty if:a) you have more than one tax return outstandingb) you have a poor lodgement history, orc) you have not complied with a request to lodge your tax return.
What deductions can I claim on my property?
There are a number of deductions (Interest on Mortgage, Property Management Fees, Insurance, Repairs, Rates, Utilities etc) that you as a property owner will qualify for as well as depreciation on your assets.Please note that this is a simplified list, and eligibility for deductions may vary depending on your specific circumstances and the type of property you own. It is recommended to consult with a tax professional or accountant to ensure you accurately claim deductions and meet all legal requirements.
What tax returns are not discounted?
The following tax returns are not discounted:• Amendments• BAS• Company Tax returns• Trust tax returns• Partnership tax returns• Bookkeeping Solution clients• Cu forms• Online Tax Assist
Why do you need my partners information?
Your partners information is used by both the ATO and Centrelink, to ensure you have received the correct benefits and paid the correct Medicare levy/surcharge.
How do I lodge a late tax return?
It can all seem quite stressful once a tax return deadline has been missed. Whether you have been tied up with work, been overseas or have missed several previous years you still need to lodge a tax return every year. Your best chance of getting up to date, as well as a great refund is by making an appointment with one of our ITP tax professionals to discuss your unique situation. Call an office today to book your appointment and reclaim your peace of mind.
How do I register to become a Privilege Plus member, and does it cost anything?
Complete & lodge a tax return at any participating ITP Qld office or Kiosk and we will automatically add you to our loyalty program, there is no cost involved.
What are the terms for Privilege Plus?
ITP loyalty was introduced on the 1st of July 2021. Therefore, an eligible tax return must be started on or after the 1st July 2021 but before 30th June 2022, for the member to be entitled to receive the Loyalty discount and membership.To maintain loyalty status the member must consecutively lodge an eligible tax return with ITPQLD within the current financial year. As in, not starting a tax return one year and starting two the following, does not constitute the member maintaining their loyalty level.If a tax return is voided or marked as no pending action the member will not maintain their current loyalty status.Loyalty is not valid with any other offer or promotion except $0 up front. If member choses an alternative offer, loyalty discounts will not apply. However, they will maintain their loyalty status.Not valid for:• Amendments• BAS• Company Tax returns• Trust tax returns• Partnership tax returns• Bookkeeping Solutions ClientsEligible tax return must be lodged at a participating ITPQLD office or kiosk.
Is Loyalty offered at all ITP stores across Australia?
No, the loyalty program is valid only at ITPQLD and participating stores as below: Ashmore, Logan Hyperdome (Mall), Australia Fair (Mall), Loganholme, Beenleigh, Mackay, Beenleigh (Mall), Marsden, Big Top, Mt Gravatt (Mall), Birtinya (Mall), Mt Ommaney Sh.Ctre (Mall), Booval Sh.Ctre (Mall), Mt Pleasant, Boyne Plaza (Mall), Mt Pleasant (Mall), Brisbane City, North Ipswich (Riverlink), Brookside, North Lakes, Bundaberg, North Lakes (Mall), Burleigh (Mall), Pimpama City (Mall), Cairns City, Red Hill, Capalaba, Redbank Plaza, Carindale (Mall), Rockhampton, Castletown (Mall), Sarina (Seasonal), Chermside, Sherwood, Coomera (Seasonal), Southport, Gladstone, Southport Park (Mall), Goodna, Stones Corner, Grand Plaza, Taigum, Grand Plaza (Mall), The Pines, Hervey Bay, Toombul, Hervey Bay (Mall), Townsville, Inala Town Centre (Mall), Tweed Centro (Mall), Ipswich, Warner, Kin Kora (Mall), Wynnum Plaza, Kirwan, Bundaberg Mall, Yarrabilba, Logan Central, Yeppoon (Mall)
Do I need to pay upfront?
We offer a $0 Upfront tax return, which means you'll pay nothing on the day and have our fee taken from your refund for a small additional fee. Terms and conditions do apply, so see our website for details.
Can I walk in, or do I need an appointment?
Yes you can walk in, we have 50+ locations Queensland wide, however during the tax season we do recommend to make an appointment at a time that suits you. Use our office finder, to find your nearest ITP.
I haven't got my payment summary, can I still do my taxes?
Yes!! We can obtain your Income Statement (formerly called a Payment Summary) from the tax agent portal.
Who can become a Privilege Plus member?
To become a loyalty member, you need to be an individual who is over the age of 18.
Can I claim your service fee?
Yes! Please ensure you retain your receipt from our services as your record for tax purposes. Your fee is fully tax deductible in the year in which the fee is paid. The receipt number should also be provided to ITP whenever making an enquiry with us.
Do you charge for multiple returns?
Yes, our fees are charged per tax return.
I have heard I will have to pay tax in the country I am working in as well as Australia, is this true?
If you earned money in this financial year and are an Australian resident for tax purposes then yes, you will have to lodge an Australian tax return. If you have not paid tax on the money you earned i.e., you earned less than the tax free threshold currently at $18,200, and no tax has been withheld by an employee or by Centrelink, then you will still need to lodge a non-lodgement advice instead. If you don't, the ATO will assume you need to lodge and take action to force you to lodge.
Do I need to inform the ATO when I buy an overseas investment property?
No, but you are required to disclose certain information regarding the property in your tax return such as capital gain on a sale of the property, any rental income and rental expenses incurred.
Do you offer same day refund?
No. While we understand the desire for same-day refunds, we believe it is important to set realistic expectations and prioritise accuracy and compliance in our processes. Focusing on these ensure we can maximise your return and reduce the chance of ATO audits.

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