3 free apps to make your life easier at tax time

Tuesday, 27th August 2019

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ITP Queensland&rsquo;s Tax App ITP Queensland&rsquo;s tax app is the ultimate app to make your life easier during tax season. It scans all your receipts, categorises and stores them, and allows you to share them so you only need to upload your files once. Instantly give your ITP consultant access from the app, for a smoother tax preparation.&nbsp; ITP&rsquo;s tax app also allows you to easily track your kms in an online and automated logbook. Simply press &ldquo;Start Recording&rdquo; at the beginning of your journey and the app will add up the kms as you go! It even knows when you&rsquo;ve stopped driving and will save the trip for you.&nbsp; Google Drive&nbsp; Google Drive is a great way to store everything online. Create a folder specifically for your receipts, spreadsheets, PDFs and Word documents and have all of your tax return information at your fingertips.&nbsp; Easily share files with colleagues and your ITP tax consultant by sharing a link to access your folder. The Google Drive App is available on both mobile and desktop, allowing you to access your files in the office and on the go. You can also store up to 15GB of data for free in the cloud, which is more than enough space for all of your tax information.&nbsp; And the best of all; once your files are in the cloud, they can&rsquo;t accidentally get thrown away or lost.&nbsp; Tycoon - for Finance&nbsp; Tycoon is a finance tool that enables you to stay up to date with outstanding payments, current earnings, and summarise, filter and export your income information. The app recently introduced a feature that allows users to deduct commissions and estimated taxes from gross rates, which is helpful for anyone doing contract work who needs to know what their actual pay will be. So, whilst Tycoon might have been originally designed for professional models, there are also many hairdressers, make-up artists, gardeners and handymen using the app.&nbsp; Consider yourself organised! Download the ITP Tax App today!