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3 Signs you’re dealing with a tax scammer

Like clockwork, and as the tax season rolls around, scammers once again set their sights on the vulnerable who are busily preparing to lodge their tax return. The ATO warns that these scams are becoming more complicated and harder to spot each year. Thankfully, our tax professionals know exactly what to look out for and break down the top 3 tell-tale signs that you could have a tax scammer on your hands.

Phone calls requesting payment via bank transfer

The ATO will never request a payment over the phone. Generally, if you do owe the ATO money they will send you the details in writing on an official ATO letterhead sent to you via post. To get rid of the scammer simply ask them to provide more information in writing and hang up, being careful not to provide them with any of your personal information.

Emails providing links to MyGov applications

If you receive an email asking you to update your MyGov details that provides a link to the MyGov app it is likely you are dealing with a scammer. The ATO explains that scammers use these links to obtain your MyGov log in details and access your personal information. To be safe, you should never follow these links and always navigate to the app from your phone’s menu or download the app using your official app store.

Phone calls warning of a suspended Tax File Number

The ATO have received increased reports of scammers calling people and telling them their Tax File Number has been suspended as a result of illegal activity or because it has been compromised by a scammer. They will follow this by requesting that you pay a fine or transfer all bank funds into a holding account to protect it from any further scams. Again, be careful to not provide the scammer with any of your personal details and hang up. 

If you think you’ve been contacted by a tax scammer, it is a good idea to report the scam to the ATO for further investigation. If you have any questions, our tax professionals are available online via LiveChat or over the phone at 1300 555 773. Stay safe Queensland!