By the numbers: Relay For Life Recap

Wednesday, 19th October 2016

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Being accountants, we can&rsquo;t help ourselves but analyse the numbers. So by the numbers we had: 5 Teams &ndash; Tippy Toe, Happy Feet, Loose Ends, Mad Hatters and the TuTu Tarts. All up that was 54 men, women and children in bright yellow ITP shirts. Each person burnt approximately 272 calories each hour. For 18 hours that&rsquo;s 4896 calories each. Times that by 54 people and that&rsquo;s a collective 26,4384 calories. We walked the State Athletics Facility (at the QEII Stadium)&nbsp;&nbsp;from 2PM Saturday to 8AM Sunday &ndash; that&rsquo;s 18 hours, or 1080 minutes or 64800 seconds of non-stop walking. Together we raised over $11,000&nbsp;&ndash; that&rsquo;s $1,000&nbsp;more than our goal of $10,000. That&rsquo;s the equivalent of $611.11 cents&nbsp;per each hour walked or $1.10&nbsp;cents for each metre. On the day we went Facebook Live&nbsp;for&nbsp;36 minutes. During that time 134 people&nbsp;tuned in live to see the speeches and of course, the relay.&nbsp;You can view it here too. Shout out to&nbsp;Geoff Kricker from Team Tippy Toe who clocked in at 9th Highest Fundraiser out of approximately 1000s of people who participated on the day. He raised $1000 alone. Add all that, carry the 1, minus the tax deductibles and that equals one amazing day at Relay For Life by our numbers. Speaking of numbers, there&rsquo;s only 12 days left of tax season.&nbsp;Don&rsquo;t forget to book in at your nearest ITP office.&nbsp;Another important number is how many days left of tax season.&nbsp;Get in quick hereNot sure what to bring?&nbsp;Check out our tax Checklist