Cancer Council Queensland Daffodil Day

Tuesday, 18th August 2015

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The Cancer Council state that every year in Australia, 350 people are told that they have a form of life threatening cancer. Cancer Council Queensland supports those affected by cancer in providing them with patient support, metro accommodation as well as ongoing prevention and detection efforts. The daffodil represents hope for all affected by cancer, a hardy annual flower that battles winter and blooms in spring, a symbol of new life, vitality, growth and resilience. The daffodil symbolises both rebirth and new beginnings, but to the Cancer Council, represents hope for a cancer-free future ahead. Daffodil Day is an opportunity for Queenslanders to donate to a worthy cause, and ITP QLD will be holding donation boxes at every store, where you can purchase and proudly wear a Daffodil Day pin, or a Daffodil Day pen. The donations go towards vital cancer research, development of cancer prevention programs and providing ongoing patient support. Your donation will be helping&nbsp;Cancer Council&nbsp;raise much needed funds to support vital cancer research, develop cancer prevention programs, and provide patient support (like Cancer Council 13 11 20) for the tens of thousands of Australian lives affected by cancer. Join us in supporting such a worthy cause, by visiting an ITP Queensland location today,&nbsp;or donating online at