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Cleaners, get ready to clean up this tax season

Clean out your receipts drawer and wipe away your tax troubles.

We have listed some of the most common purchases of your cleaning business that you can claim tax on. And, to make the whole preparation a little cleaner, we have thrown in some handy tips. 

1. Cleaning equipment

You can claim:

  • Small cleaning machines,
  • Cleaning products,
  • Cloths, wipes, sponges, scrapers, etc.
  • Buckets, wringers and mops,
  • Dusters, brooms and brushes,
  • And batteries 

Handy Tip 

Records and receipts of all equipment must be kept to be eligible for a deduction. Use ITP Qld’s App to keep a record of all the receipts you acquire throughout the year. Simply take a photo of the receipt, store it in the cloud and you’re ready for tax season! 

2. Protective equipment

You can claim:

  • Compulsory uniforms,
  • Hats, hair nets, glasses and masks,
  • Aprons or smocks,
  • Gloves,
  • And shoes

Handy Tip

Got any broken glasses? Or a dirty apron? You can claim the cost of repair or cleaning, even if it requires any special cleaning methods, such as dry cleaning. 

3. Larger purchases

You can claim:

  • Phones
  • Cleaning carts
  • Mini vans or cars

The Instant Asset write-off

In recent years, the Instant Asset Write-off threshold has increased to $30,000. This means that larger purchases, like a cleaning cart or vacuum cleaner, can now be written off against your business income in the year that you purchased them. So if you've made purchases this financial year, visit and ITP Business Centre and talk to one of our professional consultants. Or, if you're interested to find out more about the Instant Asset Write-off go to the ATO’s website.

Handy Tip

If you don’t have a phone solely dedicated to your business, you can still claim a percentage of its usage as a work related expense. Keep a record of your phone bills and work related calls.


You can claim:

  • Education - provided it is directly related to your current occupation
  • Stationary and diaries
  • Related magazines and publications eg. InClean magazine
  • Union and professional fees

Handy Tip

Want an extra deduction? You can claim any insurance you have on items that are used in your business as a deduction.

Looking to clear out tax time stress, as well as your receipts drawer? Leave it to a professional. Find your local Income Tax Professional today, put your feet up and let someone else do the clean up for you!