Complete your tax return online with ITP Queensland

Wednesday, 19th June 2019

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With ITP Queensland, filing your tax return online is fast and easy. Our Online Tax Assist process ensures you get the maximum return with minimum fuss for only $79. To get started, sign in to our online portal and start answering the questions related to your tax position - as best you can. (If some topics are a little ambiguous, there is always the ability to chat with a consultant online or over the phone to guide you through - with no charge). Once you have answered all of the required information, our consultants will review your return, ensuring you haven't missed anything. If we do find any irregularities, you will be informed - if not, it will proceed to the next stage. Nothing goes ahead without your permission and sign off. As soon as the return is completed it will be lodged by our tax agents. No need for you to worry about deadlines; we will submit everything on your behalf. Finally, your refund will be paid fully into your bank account. No mess, no fuss - just an effective way to lodge your tax return and get the most out of your refund. Visit to sign up FREE today.