Professionals with Benefits

Thursday, 13th October 2022

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Customers come to us for all sorts of reasons, and not all can be listed here. But if you ever wondered, &ldquo;should I, would I, could I?&rdquo;, wonder no more. Here are the top reasons why our customers keep coming back and why we love seeing them return. Refund Maximiser Guarantee We are so confident that we will get you the maximum return possible, we guarantee it. Nothing less than every dollar you&rsquo;re entitled to is what our clients get, and what you will get. Plus with a professionally prepared return, we help manage the lodgement with the ATO and remain on standby if there are any late adjustments or questions you might have, even after it has been lodged. Advantage you. Industry First - Loyalty RewardsWe believe we&rsquo;re the first in the industry to truly recognise our customers&rsquo; loyalty with our Privilege Plus loyalty program. It&rsquo;s a deliberately uncomplicated program that branches into Silver, Gold and Platinum benefit tiers and is 100% free for all new and existing customers. From discounts, monthly prize draws, and all-year-round support, our customers are shown love for returning each year and treated to greater benefits for doing so. For more info LiveChat Our LiveChat platform with a real tax professional (not a bot), breaks new ground for our customers who are trying to migrate their way through the complexities of a return and potentially what to bring to an appointment. On LiveChat, we have several Queensland-based tax professionals available from 8am-10pm, ready to help with questions and challenges related to their own unique financial position. As we know, answers to your personalised tax questions aren&rsquo;t always forthcoming or available when you need them, until now. Latest industry-specific tax knowledgeEach year, every industry and circumstance has the potential to be targeted by the ATO. It's a moving target that requires constant attention and the scrutiny of an Income Tax Professional. This means ITP Qld returns are always legitimately maximised, for every specific industry or situation, not by chance, but by a fluid knowledge base that is tailored to each and every client. Process and Representation It's nice to know that by using a professional, there is a trained eye for common mistakes and topical matters that the ATO might be looking for. With an experienced methodical approach, a professional will reduce errors and help manage risk and attention from the ATO. As ITP&rsquo;s pledge is to find the maximum refund possible, it is also a joint responsibility to make sure each return is 100% legitimate and not &lsquo;overinflated&rsquo; or &lsquo;incorrect&rsquo; as that can attract hefty fines and repayments including any interest back to the ATO. If a situation was to develop, a professional like ITP can help represent you and clear any matters with the ATO under your authority and instruction. People Sometimes you physically need a &lsquo;professional someone&rsquo;, to talk through your circumstances and know exactly how to report that to the ATO. When using a professional like ITP, you get that.You are heard, understood and valued, and the return you get back from the ATO is often a result of that clarity of dealing with a real person. Want more benefits? Sure. Remember using a tax professional is a tax deduction in itself, so if you're looking for a second opinion on how ITP Qld could help you, why don&rsquo;t you contact us today on 1300 555 773 or try our popular LiveChat? Talk about &lsquo;Professionals with benefits!&rsquo;