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The perks of preparing your tax return with a professional

Let's face it, for those of us who aren't a professional, preparing your tax return can feel like a guessing game. Aside from the stress of making sure you don't make any mistakes, there is the added challenge of trying to claim everything you're entitled to without the risk of being audited.

Thankfully, all of this stress and confusion can be avoided by getting professional help. Here are 3 major benefits of preparing your return with a professional. 

1. They’ll get you the tax return you deserve

People who lodge their returns themselves often miss out on tax deductions simply because they don’t know about them. Professional tax agents are trained to know every industry or financial circumstance you might be in as well as any updates to Australian tax laws. Because of this, they know exactly what you’re legally entitled to claim to maximise your return.

2. They can give you personalised support and advice

Professionals don’t deal in cookie-cutter returns. They can help you with a wide range of tax related situations from sole trader and investment property returns to compassionate and family-related legal matters. So no matter how complicated you think your tax return could be, a tax professional can cater to your needs and provide advice for your exact situation. 

3. It’s an investment in your peace of mind

Paying for the services of a professional is an investment in your back pocket and peace of mind. Knowing that your tax return has been prepared professionally and that you will be backed by the experts if the ATO does decide to audit you, is well worth the small preparation fee. Plus, that fee is fully tax deductible itself!

If you want to have your tax return prepared by a professional and secure your guaranteed maximum refund, book an appointment or call 1300 555 773 to learn more about how the professionals at ITP Qld can help you.