Titans Talk: Dave Shillington

Friday, 9th September 2016

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Q. Who on the team has the worst habit and what is it? A. Winger Anthony Don is superstitious with his underwear - if he scores in a game he won't wash his underwear for the next week hoping it'll bring him good luck for the next game. Gets pretty stinky. Q. Who do you think is the most under-rated player in the NRL? A. Shaun Fensom from the Canberra Raiders. Q. What was your first job and how long did you last? A. For about a year I grew carrots in a veggie patch in my backyard and sold them to my neighbours for 20 cents a bag. Q. What Olympic event do you think you&rsquo;d be good at and why? A. High jump. I'm pretty tall so hopefully wouldn't have to jump very high to clear the bar. Q. What is your favourite Olympic moment of all time? A. I enjoyed watching the Australian girl Chloe Esposito win gold this year. Great story behind her training and good reward for hard work in a sport that is not very well known to Australians. Q. Who on the team is the stingiest with their wallet? A. Luke Douglas is pretty well known for his ability to find a bargain and make treasure out of someone's trash. Q. If you only had 50 bucks what would you spend it on? A. A taxi to my brother's house to ask if I can borrow money. We can&rsquo;t give Titans lucky underwear but we can give them our support in the Elimination Final against Broncos. They&rsquo;ve proved a lot of doubters wrong this season. We know they can do it again. &nbsp; Looking for more talk about Titans? Like our Facebook for more See how our boys are doing on the ladder Don't forget to do your tax while you're here &nbsp;