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2022-23 Tax Return Calculator

Calculate your tax refund

Not sure how much you’re eligible to get from your tax refund this year? Worry no more, our tax calculator can provide you with a basic estimate of what you can expect.

Enter Your Details

Your entire earnings for the year from all sources.

Amount of tax your employer has already paid to the ATO on your behalf.

Expenses you're claiming to reduce your taxable income.

The amount you still owe for your student loans.

Additional superannuation contributions you've made this year.

Any non-cash benefits provided by your employer.

Your 2022-23 Tax Refund Estimate

The estimate provided is not intended to be an accurate representation of the tax return you receive. The actual figure will depend on many factors which we can’t include into this basic calculator. If you are after a precise estimate, please discuss it with your ITP consultant at your next appointment.

Taxable Income
Estimated Tax Payable

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