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Virtual Appointments

Now available with an office near you

This season we're excited to offer virtual appointments at all Business Centres across Queensland. If you're working from home due to COVID, it's now even easier to use ITP.

Introducing Virtual Appointments


If you're unwell or required by law to isolate, now you can still use your local ITP Business Centre to complete your 2022-23 Tax Return.

Remote Workers

Perhaps you just don't live that close to an ITP Business Centre. Virtual returns are a convenient alternative to online platforms.


To complete your tax return we will need you to sign a few things, so to support this we've implemented a secure e-signature platform.

Refund Maximiser Guarantee

We’ll guarantee you get everything you’re entitled to, to get the maximum refund. If you find an omission that permits a bigger refund or reduced tax liability, we’ll refund your return fee and file an amendment at no cost.

Online Tax Assist

If you're looking for an easy-to-use online solution to complete your basic tax return, why not look to Online Tax Assist, our secure web-based platform.